About organic mushroom coffee


We are a team of five researchers with experience in the psilocybin industry, expertise in psilocybin extraction and product development.

With over a decade years of experience in the field, hewe have  produced top-notch psilocybin microdosing items. HisOur discoveries, goods, and techniques, and a tireless innovatoion at Fungia Organic Shop, are today assisting countless individuals in the fight against stress and anxiety and more. 

Our Mission

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Our Mission is to use the gift that nature has given us in the form of mushrooms—shrooms—to help people live healthier, anxiety-free lives. To make useful items available to anyone who require a treatment for stress, anxiety, or depression, here at Fungia Organich Shop 

To use psilocybin, a natural mood and cognition booster, as well as organic pain treatment for anxiety, stress, and depression, to bring enchantment back into people’s modern life.

The Fungia Organic  Shop team is here to provide you with the most dependable goods you won’t find anywhere else to make microdosing psilocybin simple and secure.

We are the most practical psilocybin microdosing dispensary in US, making us your best choice.

The JT Protocol, which we created, is a novel and practical method for individuals to microdose. It has been tried and tested and shown to be beneficial for those who want to stabilize their mental condition.

The most effective way to employ the microdosing approach is with the potent psilocybin products we have made accessible to you. Get familiar with the JT.

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